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Where flowers bloom so does hope

It all started once I was old enough to roam with my Grandma through her ever-inspiring, always blooming garden.

She would show me all that had yet to become beautiful – from camellia trees that had tiny green leaves after a dry California Winter, to helping her plant pansies on a hot Summer evening.

To this day we still catch up on life while strolling through the same garden, trimming the newly budding roses so that we can bring the stems inside to make a dainty and colorful arrangement for the kitchen table.

It’s these moments that helped shape me into who I am and to nourish my never-ending love for flowers that has come to inspire Pink Pineapple Florals.

I am extremely drawn to bright, bold colors and combinations of different textures and elements from nature that melt together to create a soft, romantic look.

I always aim to create a unique balance of color contrast mixed with unexpected fabrics, textures and textiles.

As a Southern California native, I’ve always found inspiration in observing the melting pot of style and culture that paints the picture of an ever-changing union between art and nature.


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